If you feel like it's a struggle to keep up with your students' technological literacy, you're not alone.  Most teachers feel that way.  However, the world is rapidly changing, and so are our students.  They think, learn, and interact differently than students of the past did.  Watch the video below to find out more.


Need more help learning how to orient your board?  Try this printable resource.


If you’re just learning how to use the Smart Board, this is a good starting spot.  No matter where your class is on the computer – Microsoft Office, the internet, or another piece of software – you can write notes on the screen and save those notes for future use.  Watch this video to learn how this is done.


Did you know that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are inkaware?  That means they work well with your Smart Board and can capture any writing or drawings you (or the kids) add to the file while presenting the lesson.  Find out how this works in Word and Excel by watching this video.

Looking for more help using the Inkaware features of Word?  Check out this printable resource.


If you’re a PowerPoint user, then you’ll want to watch this video to learn how to write, draw, and save notes in PowerPoint when you’re using your Smart Board.

For more help using Microsoft Office on your Smart Board, see this printable reference.

Floating Toolbar 08/24/2008

No matter where you are on your computer, you have access to some helpful Smart tools.  In your Floating Toolbar, you can find the pen, highlighter, screen capture tools, erasers, and more.  You can also customize your Floating Toolbar so that it contains the tools you use the most.  Find out how in this printable guide.


In this quick video, you’ll learn how to write, add text, and change handwritten notes to text in Smart Notebook 10.


Want more practice and guidance about using the Gallery?  Check out this activity guide.


If you’ve used an older version of Smart Notebook, you’ll find that Notebook 10 is similar (but better).  If you’ve never used Smart Notebook, but you’re used to using PowerPoint, you’ll also see a lot of similarities.  Learn what the icons on the toolbar actually do in this quick reference guide found here


When you create a lesson, you’ll need to add pages, delete pages, change the page order, and maybe even name the pages (this is especially helpful you’re creating a lesson with lots of pages).  Find out how all this is done in Notebook 10 by watching this short video here.